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Artist Anabel Ruiz Debuts in Spectrum Miami during Art Basel Week 2016 by Amplified Art Network

About Anabel Ruiz

Anabel is a collage artist who was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1974, in a Cuba that was picturesque, quirky and resourceful – a Cuba that laughed through the pain – characteristics that are reflected in her own persona.  Her family left Cuba for Spain when she was 9, and it was here that her formation as a self-taught artist commenced..

Her work makes her a contemporary “hunter-gatherer”; and in her own words, collage “allows her to gather and organize disparate elements found in magazines, books or other printed media, to present a unified work of art. It’s a lot like life, that presents us with fresh and new possibilities every single day, while it’s our job to choose and perform, making us co-creators in this already created universe”.

She will be exhibiting her work at Spectrum Miami 2016 with BlinkGroup / Elizabeth Reyes Gallery Booth #513. Their theme for this year’s exhibit will be “Truth above all”.

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