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Community Matters

We’ve all heard the phrase “it takes a village”… but 2020 has brought about events that are far from perfect eye vision, and our villages have become fragmented. Mine certainly has. None of us have been spared from some amount of fear, pain, isolation, and many other factors resulting from world events and national events.

In a personal effort to not go it alone, and regardless of all the social distancing, mask-wearing, hand washing, and all other precautions in place –which I am following-, I found it extremely important to reconnect with my friends at Warehouse 4726, Jean and Iggy Font, AKA Font Squared.

Warehouse 4726 offers the gift of community to a group of artists in the Bird Road arts district here in Miami, where we can find support, affirmation and growth. In the words of Frances Moore Lappe, “community is essential to our well-being”, and I couldn’t agree more.

I invite you to follow Warehouse 4726 to stay connected to all of us. Participate in our live Instagram events, Open Studio events, and many more, through which you can become a participant and be a part of our village!

Follow them on Instagram at warehouse4726

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