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          "Habanera II" came forth as a result of the love and recognition given to the first. This time we see her profile...

She is meditative and yet just as powerful in her colors and brightness.



Material: 100% Silk - Smooth and soft 

Fashion Accessory: Our line of artistic scarves offers you 100% Silk products, with designs that are exclusive of Anabel Ruiz Art. These original items are ideal for personal use as well as gifts. We are sure you will enjoy owning these pieces of wearable art, a unique one-of-a-kind fashion experience.

Original and exclusive collection: these headscarfs, offering the perfect accent to any outfit, convert a painting into wearable art.

There are many other uses to this item, which can be worn as a chic neck tie, head belt, tied to a handbag, wrist band or hand band, and tied around the waist. Use them for parties, weddings, traveling ceremonies and important events.

Washing and Maintenance: Dry clean or hand wash in cold water with gentle soap, Iron on low heat, it is compatible with any dry leaning methods.

Package: Gift box packed. A terrific gift for your loved ones.

    Women's Scarf "Habanera ll"

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